Heritage Highway 136

Byway Membership Benefits


Joint marketing opportunities with othe communities located along the Byway.

Involvement in designated tourism grants issued by the state only for the Scenic Byways.

Participate in association’s activities and events featured along the Byway.

Representation in tourism decisions made at the State Level.

Joint website featuring community events along the Byway. Special listing on state website for byways.

Networking with other members & businesses.

Updates on activities happening along Byway route.

Become a member

We encourage you to join our organization by offering four different levels called Trailblazers (Reblaze the Trail).


Pioneer Trailblazer  $50


Dream Weaver Trailblazer  $75


Pathfinder Trailblazer $100


and Destination Trailblazer $150


Payments can be completed online with the application form scanned and emailed to judyjeancoe@gmail.com. Or payments can be mailed along with the application found below.


Increased membership will offer the Byway opportunities to assist member communities with their various projects.


Membership Application



County/City Trailblazers

Members of the Heritage Highway Association

City of Deshler

Deshler, NE


Website: www.deshlernebraska.com

Email: citydeshler@gpcom.net

Address: 305 E. Bryson Avenue – P.O. Box 189, Deshler, NE 68340


City of Nelson

Nelson, NE


Website: www.cityofnelson.com

Phone: 402-225-4401

Email: cityofnelson@gmail.com

Address: 580 S. Main Street – Box 327, Nelson, NE 68961

Franklin County

 Franklin County is a county in the southern part of Nebraska. Its county seat town is Franklin. The county was formed in 1867 and organized in 1871. It was named after Benjamin Franklin. 

Website: www.franklincountyne.gov

Email: clerk@franklin.nacone.org

Phone: 308-425-6202

Address: 405 15th Ave. Box 146, Franklin, NE 68939


Gage County

Gage County is home to 14 communities, and proudly boasts regionally and nationally recognized attractions, including the Homestead National Monument of America.

Website: www.visitbeatrice.com

Phone: 402-223-2338

Address: 218 N 5th Street, Beatrice, NE 68310


Nuckolls County

Nuckolls County was formed in 1860 and later organized in 1871.   It was named after Stephen F. Nuckolls, an early pioneer in this area.  Its county seat town is Nelson.

Website: www.nuckollscountyne.gov

Phone: 402-225-4361

Email: clerk@nuckolls.nacone.org 

Address: 150 S Main – P.O. Box 366, Nelson, NE 68961


Jefferson County

 Franklin County is a county in the southern part of Nebraska. Its county seat town is Franklin. The county was formed in 1867 and organized in 1871. It was named after Benjamin Franklin. 

Website: www.visitoregontrail.org

Email:  jcvc@diodecom.net

Phone: 402-729-3000

Address: 518 E Street – P.O. Box 274, Fairbury, NE 68352




Thayer County

Thayer County is the crossroads of old, the Oregon Trail, and new, US Highway 81, that connects Interstate 80 in Nebraska and Interstate 70 in Kansas.  

Website: www.visitthayercounty.com

Phone: 402-768-6126

Address: 225 North 4th Street, Hebron, NE  68370




Johnson County

Johnson County was the Crossroads of Seven Historic Trails during the early years. Tecumseh is the home of the First Rural Mail Delivery in Nebraska.

Website: www.lasr.net/ne/joco

Phone: 402-335-0745

Email: judyjeancoe@gmail.com  

Address: P.O. Box 59, Tecumseh, NE 68450


Nemaha County

In 1855 Nemaha County was formally founded with Brownville as its county seat.  In 1883 it was moved to Auburn.  The Nebraska State Fair was held in the county at Brownville in 1870-1871.  In 1974 the Cooper Nuclear Station was commissioned south of Brownville..

Website: www.enjoynemahacounty.org

Phone: 402-414-0448

Email: nemahacountyvc@gmail.com  

Address: 1824 N Street – Suite 201, Auburn, NE 68305


Pawnee County

 Whether you like to stay on the highway or get off the beaten path, Pawnee County is the place for you to find unexplored treasures.

Website: www.pawneecountynebraska.com

Email: my.blue.heaven@windstream.net

Phone: 402-852-2444

Address: 405 15th Ave. Box 146, Franklin, NE 68939


Red Willow County

Red Willow County was formed in 1873. It was named after the Red Willow Creek. The name is reported to be a mistranslation of the Dakota Indian name Chanshasha Wakpala, which literally means Red Dogwood Creek. The Dakota referred to the creek as such because of an abundance of the red dogwood shrub that grew along the creek banks. Its stem and branches are deep red in color, and it is favored in basket making.

Website: www.co.red-willow.ne.us

Phone: 308-345-1552

Address: 502 Norris Avenue, McCook, NE  69001         


Dundy County


Members of the Heritage Highway Association

Deer Creek Sodbusters

Sterling, NE

Our organization is dedicated to the Preservation of the History of Southeast Nebraska. Our Annual Antique Machinery
Show is held the Second Sunday in August – 4 ½ miles south of Sterling.

Phone: 402-239-2307

Email: sodbuster@diodecom.net

Address: 72973 610 Avenue Sterling, NE 68443


Merchants of Brownville

Brownville, NE


Website: www.brownville-ne.com

Phone: 402-825-1240 

Email: marylauber2002@yahoo.com

Address: P.O. Box 68 Brownville, NE  68321

The National Willa Cather Center

Red Cloud, NE

In 2017, the National Willa Cather Center opened as an arts and cultural center that serves as a living memorial to
renowned writer, Willa Cather. Located in Cather’s childhood hometown of Red Cloud, Nebraska, the Center provides
almost 20,000 square feet of space that includes a public museum, archive, research center, classroom, bookstore, art
gallery, and performing arts center. The Center occupies Red Cloud’s historic “Moon Block,” an 1887 structure that was
fully restored and given new life as the National Willa Cather Center.

Website: www.willacather.org

Phone: 402-746-2653

Email: aolson@willacather.org

Address: 413 Webster Street Red Cloud, NE   68970

Webster County Historical Museum

Red Cloud, NE

OPEN: April 1-October 30, 1:00-5:00 p.m. every day, except Mondays and Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day & July 4 th .
Housed in a beautiful mansion and two other buildings, you will find Webster County heritage in displays and exhibits. A
Genealogy department is also available.

Phone: 402-746-2444

Email:  wchmdirector@gpcom.net

Address: 721 w. 4 th  Avenue, PO Box 464 Red Cloud, NE 68970


Red Cloud B&B at the Kaley House

Red Cloud, NE


Phone: 402-746-8300  

Email:  redcloudbb@eaglecom.net

Address: 909 N. Sewad Street   P.O. Box 228 Red Cloud, NE  68970


Great Plains Welsh Heritage Center

Wymore NE

Phone: 402-432-3656

Email: gcolgrove@neb.rr.com

Address: 307 S. 7 th Street – P.O. Box 253 Wymore, Ne 68466