Heritage Highway 136

Byway Membership Benefits


Joint marketing opportunities with othe communities located along the Byway.

Involvement in designated tourism grants issued by the state only for the Scenic Byways.

Participate in association’s activities and events featured along the Byway.

Representation in tourism decisions made at the State Level.

Joint website featuring community events along the Byway. Special listing on state website for byways.

Networking with other members & businesses.

Updates on activities happening along Byway route.

Become a member

We encourage you to join our organization by offering four different levels called Trailblazers (Reblaze the Trail).  

Pioneer Trailblazer  $50

Dream Weaver Trailblazer  $75

Pathfinder Trailblazer $100

and Destination Trailblazer $150

Payments can be mailed along with the application found below.

Increased membership will offer the Byway opportunities to assist member communities with their various projects.



Members of the Heritage Highway Association